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The spread of ideas is directly linked to human progress. Improved access for all individuals and organizations to the best ideas and practices will accelerate human progress.

The world increasingly functions through organizations of all types.  Organizations come in many types and sizes – for profit, not-for profit, governmental and quasi-governmental organizations.  Many organizations fail, struggle to grow, underperform their potential or fail to meet their mission.  The vast majority of organizations are small, not sophisticated and lack resources comparable to larger organizations to operate effectively and efficiently to achieve their missions.  This matters. A large segment of the world is employed in small organizations and responsible for a large segment of global GDP.  Human progress is dependent on these small organizations, as well as larger organizations,  succeeding and functioning optimally.

Around the world new ideas and best practices are constantly being created that would allow individuals and organizations to accomplish more with less resources and improve the lives of people.  Access to and dissemination of the best ideas and practices on a continuous flow basis will accelerate human progress for all 7 billion inhabitants of our planet.

The best ideas and practices should be available to every individual and organization – freely, easily and comprehensively – in one central highly accessible repository.   The Best Practices Wiki is proposed as way to realize this vision.

Design criteria for a Best Practices Wiki includes:

  • an easily searchable database (rapid answers to match problems and challenges);
  • easily understandable best practice methods, articles and case studies in common every day language that allow the ideas to be absorbed, adapted and used by a wide range of people (it should be non technical and non-jargon);
  • links to greater depth of best practice resources so that people may pursue more detail;
  • documentation with sources;
  • living best practices that are upgraded over time as new ideas and best practices bubble to the top;
  • maintenance organically by experts, practitioners in each field or topic; and
  • accessibility in different languages
  • operated by a non-profit financed by donors with no advertising or revenue stream that would undermine trustworthiness

This system needs to be self-sustainable over the long-term and able to grow and adapt to the needs of people and organizations around the world.

If you are interested in being involved in the development of a Best Practices Wiki please contact