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Alaska Oceans

The OceansAlaska Marine Science Center, located on 28 acres granted by the State of Alaska and Ketchikan Gateway Borough in 2006, is a viable and exciting economic development project in Southeast Alaska. The Center’s mission is to contribute significant and sustainable long term economic growth to coastal Alaskan communities by supporting Alaska’s shellfish industry. The Center, situated on pristine George Inlet outside of Ketchikan, has three marine science functions – research, exhibition and education .

The Center’s exhibition facility taps into the Alaska visitor industry and provides immediate revenues. An in-depth feasibility study shows the exhibition program will provide revenue to operate the facility. The Center’s marine science educational program is suited to all levels of Alaska’s educational system. However, the Center’s significant long term impact comes from its shellfish research and development division. Research and development will facilitate the emergence of a globally competitive Alaska shellfish industry and provide a sustainable economic engine for Alaska’s coastal communities.

Feasibility Report

This report shows how research, development, demonstration and training programs at the OceansAlaska Marine Science Center will propel growth of Alaska’s coastal shellfish industry – oysters, clams, geoduck, scallop, abalone, kelp, macrophytes and other aquatic farm products as defined by Alaska Statute – enabling Alaska’s industry to expand with the growing global demand for shellfish. Included in this