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Small Business Needs Healthcare Reform!

Small Business Majority

America’s 27 million small businesses are the backbone and engine of the US economy. Over half of the private work force takes home a small business paycheck. The ingenuity and hard work of America’s dynamic small businesses create three quarters of our new jobs year after year.

The ability to start a business is a cherished freedom in our country. Main street merchants anchor our communities and neighborhoods. Family farms feed our nation. High-tech, biotech and Internet startups fuel our global competitiveness. Freelancers and self employed men and women create new businesses that produce innovative new products and services.

Yet skyrocketing health care costs have made it increasingly difficult for employers, particularly small businesses, to provide health insurance for their own families and for their hardworking and loyal employees. This is wrong! We need a health care system that works FOR America’s small businesses.

The time is NOW for a system that guarantees access for all to quality affordable health care so small businesses can thrive and propel our economy, job growth and innovation.

Small Business Majority is organized to be the voice of small businesses that want to ensure that health care reform is achieved in our country and that is “works” for small business owners and their employees.